Friday, April 15, 2011

Fast forward

Zip ahead to April and I can confirm that I dislike my new job with great enthusiam. Currently working on some solutions for that.

On another note, where did the owls come from? It seems that the animal of choice for decor, stuffies and crafts for 2010 has been undoubtedly owls. Dave says it's because of "The guardians Movie". This is possible, I am trying to find out what the next animal is going to be.

Also as mentioned on my facebook page I would like to make something, and then sell it. This might be a way of earning money that I might enjoy. Up until now I have only been paid to but in time (working for the man) or resold things that other people made (working for the bigger man). Maybe I would like to be the man, or woman obviously in this case.

A book I read recently said to think of what you used to do for fun when you were younger and that would probably still be fun now.

When I was about 12 I made a bathing suit and I also started making a comforter for my bed. I enjoyed making things and think I still would.

Another time after watching the Goonies I decided that I could write a story like that. So I started writing a book. I got to chapter five before I stopped. I don't remember why I stopped writing it.

Then I decided I wanted to paint a picture, so I broke into my moms oil paints and threw the Bob Ross video in the TV and I painted a picture. I think I did it in an evening, in fact I think that most of these things that I created were made in 1 night or at the most a weekend. I guess I have a short attention span.