Monday, November 1, 2010

Small House, Big house

As we prepare for the move into our "big" house our little house has gone downhill fast. Flooring, paint and paper samples are littered throughout the kitchen. The computer desk is buried in house bills, constructions bills, quotes and notes from the interior design class I decided I HAD to take right now. What was once our beautiful pub style dinning room table is now my personal art centre. Did I mention I recently decided that I needed to "find" myself. In the midst of building a house, coordinating contractors, planning our move, emptying a warehouse and managing a small company. Yep, cause that's just how I roll.

Our little house is small, especially with the recent influx of memorabilia that was left to me by my late grandparents. Lots of stuff, 1 of our extra bedrooms is filled to the ceiling and we double the volume inside the house. Plus our contractor has 1/2 a shed full in storage for us and my parents 2 car garage, basement, 1/2 an attic and 1/2 a barn are all full of my inheritance. The sale of their house was rather fast, so most everything got thrown in a box labeled and shipped. I'm actually really excited to start sorting through it all. But am even more excited to get my office set up! A space that is mine alone, with a door that can close out all noise in the house so that I can..... think and write and create beautiful wonderful things that maybe no one else will understand, except my mom will pretend to even if she doesn't because that's what mom's do.