Thursday, May 26, 2011

Red Marker WRONGS

1. Wearing a regular belt as a fashion belt when said belt has no business being used as such!

2. Using excessive flash on your website just because you can. With no regard to weither or not it actually makes the site any better.

3. Replying to e-mails before you have read the in their entirety, thereby not actualy answering all the questions in said e-mail.

4. Double Standards, in anything.

5. Auto DM - You are LAZY

Got your own Wrongs? Share if you dare!

Monday, May 23, 2011

I love you exclamation point!

So What, I'm happy - Get over it!
I remember some friends in High School telling me that I shouldn't use the term "love" so loosely. They explained that you cannot love a thing and therefore I should not use "love" to describe my affections for things. For Instance " I loved my new orange shoes, and my backpack, etc.

More recently I've been scolding myself on my frequent use of the exclamation point in FaceBook, messages, texting, etc. Today I made a connection between the two. I have been judging my method of communication as inadequate, or perhaps just over enthusiastic.

Then I thought... Hell. Maybe I'm just a happy person who loves stuff and is enthusiastic about life. I think in the long run, the world always use more love and exclamation points!