Monday, May 23, 2011

I love you exclamation point!

So What, I'm happy - Get over it!
I remember some friends in High School telling me that I shouldn't use the term "love" so loosely. They explained that you cannot love a thing and therefore I should not use "love" to describe my affections for things. For Instance " I loved my new orange shoes, and my backpack, etc.

More recently I've been scolding myself on my frequent use of the exclamation point in FaceBook, messages, texting, etc. Today I made a connection between the two. I have been judging my method of communication as inadequate, or perhaps just over enthusiastic.

Then I thought... Hell. Maybe I'm just a happy person who loves stuff and is enthusiastic about life. I think in the long run, the world always use more love and exclamation points!

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