Saturday, June 18, 2011

Blue Eggs and Jam

Went to the farmers market this morning.  I was a bit late, so the lady I usually get my blue eggs from was sold out. Yup really blue eggs... I would post a photo, but I obviously don't have any to photograph. I had to get other eggs to do me until I leave fore England on Thursday. Did some running around, got my Ipod station fixed at the Source, picked up stuff at Shoppers that I need to have for when we leave. General running around stuff. Extremely windy when I got home. I decided that I should clean my makeup brushes before I leave.

 So that lead to cleaning my desk and further contemplation on the way I should hang this mirror. I am leaning towards the vertical way. I remember shopping with a friend of mine and she picked up a top with horizontal stripes... I mentioned that I don't wear horizontal stripes on tops because they make you look wider wherever you wear them. It never occurred to me that ANYONE would not know this. That's how my mom taught me the difference between vertical and horizontal..." horizontal makes you look horrible". This was, without a doubt one of my mom's top 10 life lessons :)

 I'm going to go with the vertical, then I can hang things like my hairdryer stand on either side of the mirror. It would be cool to hang fabric on either side of a mirror somewhere, like curtains. It would have to be the right space, and probably semi-sheer fabric... might be neat though.

I rented The Tourist from Jumbo and Am going to watch that tonight. I actually rented in a few weeks ago, they still have our old phone number, so I'm not sure if the "real" person has started calling there yet to ask us to bring it back. LOL.

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